Drivers Daily Log

Drivers Daily Log

A program that implements the requirements of the FMCSR
Drivers Daily Log v3.6.0.8
09 Jun 2020
Drivers Daily Log v3.5.1.15
16 Mar 2012
Drivers Daily Log v3.4.4.22
11 Mar 2008
Editorial review
Drivers Daily Log v3.3.4.7
30 May 2008

What's new

v3.6.0.8 [21 Dec 2014]
Added a check for old 34 hour rule befoe 16-Dec-2014.
Repaired a dll warning message.
Removed 168 hour and 1to5am parts of 34 hour restart.

v3.5.1.15 [16 Mar 2012]
-Repaired 34 hour restart in USA2011 rule.
-Repaired options selection

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