Drivers Daily Log

Drivers Daily Log

Drivers Daily caters to drivers in US/Canada, and cab managing and scheduling
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Drivers Daily Log is a unique software that is designed especially to cater to the needs of the drivers in USA and Canada, and also for the cab managing and scheduling teams. This piece of software provides a quick summary of whatever a particular driver has done in the shift till that point of time and what more can be done in the rest of the duration.

The logs can be turned into records, and a user can track when the logs were submitted to the Motor Carrier, accounting for days-out records, trips records, trip miles records, manifests records, odometer records, revenue records, Daily Mileage records, expenses records, Daily Vehicle Mileage records for teams, Drivers Information Records including date of License expiry, Hatmat expiry, Medial card expiry, and even wife's birthday.

There is an additional GPS module, so that the user can enter the desired location quickly and easily, and it supports USA Zip Codes as well as Canada Province Codes, and their rules and regulations. The user can use as little or as much as required and start at anytime, and everything can be tracked with over 87 different reports, on daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, or on annual basis. There’s provision to search any data in any record by using the search-record functionality.

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  • Over 38 log styles, & follows USA & Canada rules & zip codes


  • For back-up any information on the logs cannot be recreate & users must do it on their own
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